Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Avril 2010

The field of analysis of “Territories of Tomorrow” may well be extensive, it is yet very precise and impacts to a large extend this paper. It covers the economy of knowledge, which means the sociology of professions and professionals of knowledge.
The two initial contributions concerning the internet businesses are treated under this angle, and are therefore considered as a particularly visible part and economically and sociologically strategic for the people of knowledge.
This is the perspective that justifies the present introduction, and in fact the framework of our studies.
Indeed, for the inevitable prospective analysis of this matter, it appears particularly important to identify and qualify these people of knowledge, and all those related directly or indirectly to the internet businesses. As noted by Jean-Pierre Bouchez, one of the best specialists on this subject today, it is not only about identifying the weight as a sector, but also and especially its evolutions, which form one of the most important axes of the sustainability of our economic development. As such, the NACE codes, the statistical classification of economics activities in the European Community, help to identify such knowledge intensive services and businesses.
PRO-INTERNET allows us to participate in this inevitable renewed analysis of professional activities: the traditional frameworks of regulated professions fade before the development of new skills in the format of repositories that could eventually be certified, especially involving new forms of recognition and validation, but also concepts such as the area of “skills acquisition”.

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